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w w w. n e w p o r t . c o m April 2010 May 2010 Page 9 Continued from page 8. applications where "small & thin" are desirable features. An equally important advantage of CGA filters is their formulation from 100% environmentally safe materials. This attribute stands in contrast to many colored-glass longwave pass filters that rely upon the use of Lead and Cadmium compounds to achieve their spectral signature. In addition to the abovementioned benefits of Colored-Glass Alternative filters over colored-glass filters, the cut-on wavelength of CGA filters can be tuned to slightly shorter wavelengths by positioning the filter at off-normal incidence to the source of illumination. This capability is a common phenomenon associated with thin-film optical interference coatings. Our new catalog offering of Colored-Glass Alternative filters is a series of fully-blocked, all-dielectric longwave pass filters at thirty-four (34) different cut-on wavelengths. The group of standard wavelengths was developed as a compilation of the cut-on wavelengths of longwave pass filter glasses currently offered by the major manufacturers of colored-glass filters, as well as some wavelengths that have been discontinued by these manufacturers. Four (4) different sizes are available at each wavelength: ½" diameter, 1" diameter, 2" square, and 6½" square. Standard CGA filters are supplied with a thickness of 1.1 mm. In addition to our standard CGA products, we routinely provide custom products based upon the basic product concept and designs. WEB See our website for more info. Newport Optics Offered at Greatly Reduced Prices! Top 5 Reasons to Buy Newport Optics A Brand You Trust For High Quality Broadest Choice of Quality Optics For Lab And Industrial Applications New Reduced Prices And Lead Times Over 30 Years Of Experience In Manufacturing Optics World-Class Customer Services O P T I C S % up to 30 ction price redu on average! times. With this competitive edge, we expect to serve our customers in a more effective and efficient manner in addition to constant improvement in the product innovation to grow our loyal customer base for optics in Europe» says Adnan Adla, Product Manager at Newport. Newport has been manufacturing optical components and coatings for more than 30 years. Our world-class optical fabrication facility with advanced coating capabilities allows us to control the process every step of the way. Our consistent high quality, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and worldwide support make Newport the supplier of choice for many companies, from start-up to Fortune 500. Since February 1, 2010, Newport has significantly reduced lead time and prices on its standard catalog optics in Europe. We have added more parts in stock in our European facility to cut the shipping time from across the border for our customers and since February 1, 2010, prices for optics have been reduced by an average of 15% in the UK, 30% in other European countries and 15% in related export countries. «We’re very pleased to offer high performance and reliable optical components from Newport to our customers at new reduced prices and lead WEB See our website for more info.

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- Mai Tai® SP Short Pulse One Box Amplifier Seeder
- SCG-800-CARS Optimized Supercontinuum GenerationFiber Device
- Model 6100 Combo Laser Diode and TemperatureController
- Milan™ Laser Safety Eyewear
- Agilis™ AG-LS25-27 Piezo Motor-Driven Linear Stage
- S-2000AN Non-Magnetic Isolator
- OTS-LSC Laser Safety Curtain for SmartTable OTS Optical Tables
- DMH-DL-U Data Link for DMH-1 Digital Micrometer, USB Interface
- New Catalog Offering of Colored-Glass Alternative Filters
- Newport Optics Offered at Greatly Reduced Prices!
- New Focus™ Quadrant Photoreceivers Family
- 818-BB-50 AND 818-BB-50F Biased Photodiode Detectors
- WEU-01 Wavelength Extension Unit
- CARS-KT Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectrometer
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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #32 - May 2010