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w w w. n e w p o r t . c o m May 2010 Page 7 S-2000AN Non-Magnetic Isolator New to the S-2000 Vibration Isolator Family. NEW as Newport’s RPR-N series tables or platforms that support large vacuum chambers or other heavy instruments used in materials research applications. Newport is also the only supplier that has quantified the magnetic impact of the S-2000 Stabilizer family of isolators which allows customers to understand their required level of performance and potentially save thousands of dollars in equipment costs. In addition to superior isolation performance and quantified magnetic impact the S-2000AN features Newport exclusive SafeLock™ mounting clips which secure the isolators to the bottom of any Newport optical table, improving the performance, stability, and safety of the system. Available in several popular heights ranging from 406 mm to 711 mm (16 in. to 28 in.), the new vibration isolator is equipped with precision pneumatic re-leveling valves and float-height indicators. The Newport S-2000AN non-magnetic isolator is designed specifically for applications where the measurement of small magnetic fields would be otherwise impacted by traditional magnetic steel isolators. The S-2000AN provides a 1 Hz vertical resonant frequency and a vertical isolation efficiency of 98 percent at 10 Hz and a load capacity of 2000lb, the best in the industry. It is an ideal solution for isolating optical tables, such WEB See our website for more info. OTS-LSC Laser Safety Curtain for SmartTable™ OTS® Optical Tables NEW V I B R A T I O N C O N T R O L overhead shelf system to provide an integrated, laser safe, optical table system which can easily be relocated or repositioned with the lab. The ANSI rated 4 feet tall curtain is designed to provide a 12” gap around the perimeter of the table and when installed at its maximum height of 78.5” drapes below the table surface by 8”. The OTS-LSC is offered in several standard sizes to fit the most popular table sizes as indicated below. If a wider perimeter working area is desired customers can simply purchase a larger curtain. Newport can also provide customized curtain sizes and special materials upon request. Newport's OTS-LSC is a family of integrated laser safety curtains that connects directly to SmartTable™ OTS® systems and is the quickest and most economical way to achieve laser safety compliance. The curtain complies with ANSI standards and withstands exposure levels up to 200 W/cm² for 100 sec based upon a 5 mm beam diameter. Traditional laser safety curtain systems have either been supported by free standing leg structures, which typically interfere with floor space, or ceiling mounted systems which require additional time and expense to install. The OTS-LSC attaches directly to the OTS or ATS Ordering Information Model OTS-LSC-46 OTS-LSC-48 OTS-LSC-510 Description Laser Safety Curtain 4 x 6 feet OTS system Laser Safety Curtain 4 x 8 feet OTS system Laser Safety Curtain 5 x 10 feet OTS system WEB See our website for more info.

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- Mai Tai® SP Short Pulse One Box Amplifier Seeder
- SCG-800-CARS Optimized Supercontinuum GenerationFiber Device
- Model 6100 Combo Laser Diode and TemperatureController
- Milan™ Laser Safety Eyewear
- Agilis™ AG-LS25-27 Piezo Motor-Driven Linear Stage
- S-2000AN Non-Magnetic Isolator
- OTS-LSC Laser Safety Curtain for SmartTable OTS Optical Tables
- DMH-DL-U Data Link for DMH-1 Digital Micrometer, USB Interface
- New Catalog Offering of Colored-Glass Alternative Filters
- Newport Optics Offered at Greatly Reduced Prices!
- New Focus™ Quadrant Photoreceivers Family
- 818-BB-50 AND 818-BB-50F Biased Photodiode Detectors
- WEU-01 Wavelength Extension Unit
- CARS-KT Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectrometer
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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #32 - May 2010