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Page 2 May 2010 w w w. n e w p o r t . c o m Excelsior® New addition to Excelsior Laser Family The laser family of choice for industrial, analytical, and research applications. The Spectra-Physics® Excelsior® visible CW lasers encompass the largest wavelength portfolio for customers to choose from. The newest additions to the Excelsior product family include a 50 mW Excelsior at 542 nm, fiber coupled OEM models for all wavelength, and a full suite of scientific models. The Excelsior visible CW lasers are available as multi-mode or single frequency models, and have created a reputation as highly reliable and easy to integrate, because of its compact and common footprint. Furthermore, the versatility and plug-&-play performance makes the Excelsior product-line the technology of choice for a variety of industrial, analytical, and research applications. The new and compact Excelsior 542 is intended as a DPSS replacement for green HeNe lasers. The fiber coupled Excelsior models, which are equipped exclusively with single mode PM fibers, demonstrate rock-solid performance in harsh operating environments. Our full suite of scientific Excelsior models now also include Direct Diode Lasers (375, 405, 445, 488, 640, and 785 nm), the DPSS models (473, 532, 542, 561, and 1064 nm), and the XC Series (505, 515, and 594 nm). L A S E R S WEB See our website for more info. Mai Tai® SP Short Pulse One Box Amplifier Seeder Featuring <25 fs to 100 fs adjustable pulse width. The Mai Tai SP Advantage Computer adjustable bandwidth: 60 nm to 10 nm (<25 fs to 100 fs) Exceptional long-term stability StabiLok technology for enhanced environmental stability Reliable, hands-off operation The Spectra-Physics® Mai Tai® SP is the first fully-automated, hands-free one-box ultrafast oscillator with adjustable pulse width. Built on the proven Mai Tai laser platform with the largest installed base of one-box ultrafast lasers in the industry, the Mai Tai SP is highly stable and easy-to-use. This specialized product is ideal for seeding the Spitfire® Pro ultrafast amplifier system, which can be used for pump-probe spectroscopy, THz generation, high harmonic generation and other time-resolved spectroscopy applications. The new Mai Tai SP features both Stabilok® technology and proprietary EternAlign™ permanent optics mounting technology ensuring exceptional long-term environmental stability. These features make the Mai Tai SP a truly hands-off laser – it does not need to be opened to the outside environment for pulse width adjustments, wavelength tuning or realignment. 4000 3000 Counts 2000 60 nm <25 fs 1000 0 740 760 780 800 820 840 860 WEB See our website for more info. Wavelength (nm) 880

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- Mai Tai® SP Short Pulse One Box Amplifier Seeder
- SCG-800-CARS Optimized Supercontinuum GenerationFiber Device
- Model 6100 Combo Laser Diode and TemperatureController
- Milan™ Laser Safety Eyewear
- Agilis™ AG-LS25-27 Piezo Motor-Driven Linear Stage
- S-2000AN Non-Magnetic Isolator
- OTS-LSC Laser Safety Curtain for SmartTable OTS Optical Tables
- DMH-DL-U Data Link for DMH-1 Digital Micrometer, USB Interface
- New Catalog Offering of Colored-Glass Alternative Filters
- Newport Optics Offered at Greatly Reduced Prices!
- New Focus™ Quadrant Photoreceivers Family
- 818-BB-50 AND 818-BB-50F Biased Photodiode Detectors
- WEU-01 Wavelength Extension Unit
- CARS-KT Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectrometer
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Newport Spectra-Physics Newsletter - #32 - May 2010