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EDITORIAL François Masquelier, Chairman of ATEL - JAN N°88 - technical knowledge Treasurers need to venture out (hard skills), they of their comfort zones and prehave to develop their pare themselves for the changes "soft skills" to raise that they are experiencing and their position in the will continue to experience over finance department the next few years hierarchy. A fantastic opportunity is being held out to you, if you will just condescend to seize it. Treasurers need to venture out of their comfort zones (they ought to do so anyway) and prepare themselves for the changes that they are experiencing and will continue to experience over the next few years. A golden opportunity is on offer if you think of the jobs whose job descriptions have hardly changed. In the final analysis, consolidation, management accounting and financial accounting are pretty much the same as they were at the beginning of the century. IT resources have perhaps evolved, and accounting standards have become more international, but basically the job has stayed the same. Treasurers, by contrast, have to revise their job descriptions each year, because their job is evolving so fast. In spite of themselves, treasurers are the Stakhanovites of finance, accumulating many tasks. Compliance, for example, is one of their key new responsibilities. Treasurers will continue to manage ever more varied risks, such as climate change risk or political risk. The world is changing at lightning speed and we need to be proactive, inventive and receptive, and we need to anticipate things to react better. Staying the same would be our downfall, and would make us obsolete very quickly. Things move very quickly now, in all walks of life. Nevertheless, the treasury function, more than many other disciplines, is undergoing a real revolution. We are lucky to be able to discover new technical and professional horizons. Don't let's waste the opportunity! We need to be as inquisitive as possible to stay as "employable" as possible. As Daniel Pennac said, "you can't force inquisitiveness, you can only awaken it" (extract from "Reads like a novel"). LE MAGAZINE DU TRESORIER / TREASURER MAGAZINE At a time when everyone is telling us about a transformation in the treasury function (even though this started many years ago and gained momentum after the 2008 crisis), should we not be thinking about what we need to do to stay "employable"? In a rapidly changing world and in a continuously changing profession (and we never fail to tell you about it every quarter), it is vital to make sure you remain up-to-date with techniques and tools if you are to continue to be able to do your work confidently and efficiently. This is one of the challenges facing treasurers. The job has changed fundamentally and profoundly in its scope and in the tools and techniques it requires. This broader and more complex job therefore needs broader and more advanced skills than it did in the past. Today's treasurer bears little relation to the treasurer of the 2000s. The crises have left scars, and the consequences - particularly regulatory consequences - make themselves felt unceasingly while computer technology, thankfully, has evolved to enable treasurers to fulfil their new tasks more effectively. This is a new challenge - an exciting and motivating one for treasurers. Knowing that technology can help them fulfil their new functions is reassuring. Can treasurers, however, amass the knowledge and skills required by their new remit? The main challenge certainly lies in the capacity to adapt, but also in the capacity for acquiring training as and when needed, to acquire the necessary skills and stay "employable". Treasurers, like doctors or the pilots of planes, must continuously question their abilities and update their knowledge by assimilating new techniques, legislation and administration tools. This is the very heart of the problem. It is an opportunity that requires you to adapt and train continuously. The role of local and national treasurer associations, together with EACT (European Association of Corporate Treasurers), is fundamental to this process of learning and training. All associations work to give their members the basic skills needed to meet the requirements of their new jobs, but also to remain competitive and effective. This is also a challenge for our associations and for EACT, be in no doubt about it. We try, particularly through our magazine, to give you the keys to this transformation and the tools to acquire the concepts required by these new tasks. More than ever the treasurer is a rare beast, a sheep with five or six legs that needs to adapt to its changing environment following Darwinian theory. In addition to cultivating their / FEB / MAR 2015 Making sure we all stay 'employable' 5

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Trésorier/Treasurer magazine - N°88 - Jan/Fev/Mar 2015