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WARRANTY & INDEMNITY INSURANCE: LE MAGAZINE DU TRESORIER / TREASURER MAGAZINE - N°91 - OCT / NOV / DEC 2015 Achieving a clean exit for the seller and a way to make a more competitive bid for the buyer 42 Although M&A activity may not have grown as some would have anticipated - or hoped - over the past four years, demand for warranty and indemnity (W&I) insurance has boomed since the financial crisis, particularly in Europe. We have seen 166% growth in the number of W&I insurance policies being placed on European M&A transactions, testament to the fact that W&I insurance is now widely regarded as an effective tool in getting a deal across the line. It is increasingly common for sellers to build a W&I insurance structure into the sale and purchase agreement (SPA) and auction process, which is a key driver in the increased activity in the W&I insurance market. This structure allows a seller to exit with no warranty exposure, with management typically giving warranties with a significantly reduced liability cap, perhaps 1% of the transaction value. The W&I insurance policy is used as part of the deal marketing process, with a broker's engagement switching to the successful bidder. Warranty & Indemnity insurance is now widely regarded as an effective tool in getting a deal across the line. Case Study: A €130m company is 30% owned by a PE fund and 70% by a local Company. The PE firm wants to sell its stake. Following an auction bid, the best offer requires a warranty up to the purchase price for Title warranties and up to 25% of the price for the other warranties for a two years period. The fund must be closed in the next 6 months and as such cannot assume any liability with regards reps and warranties. The W&I insurance solution: The Fund and the Corporate accept to give the warranties to the Buyer. The Fund is paying the Buyer an insurance cover to transfer 100% of its W&I liability. The fund has transferred 100% of its liability to an insurance solution and can be closed in the next months. The Buyer is fully protected up to the required limit. From a buy-side perspective, with high demand for quality assets, bidders are using W&I insurance strategically to make their bid more compelling in an auction process. By offering the seller a more limited warranty cap in the SPA, a bid will often be considered more attractive. Indeed, recent auctions have seen up to three bidders integrating a W&I policy to enhance their bid. In some situations, a bidder has not even been selected as they were not planning to use a W&I policy. Insurers continue to build teams of lawyers and market practitioners who have significant M&A experience into their businesses. There are now over a dozen insurers that offer primary W&I insurance solutions in M&A transactions in Europe; many insurers are increasing headcounts in their respective teams to satisfy current demand.

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Trésorier/Treasurer magazine - N°91 - Oct/Nov/Dec 2015