BW Confidential - Issue #10 - May/June 2012 - (Page 64)

Digital focus Social media Socially active A review of six innovative social media strategies and what brands learnt from them by Alex Wynne Smashbox Cosmetics The initiative: The brand, acquired by The Estée Lauder Companies in 2010, launched a digital campaign last fall entitled “Click, you’re it” as part of its restaging under its new owner. The campaign included a Facebook-based application that allows consumers to create and star in their own magazine layout. Why it works: The brand said it was in line with Smashbox’s positioning as a fun, photo-based studio make-up brand, and because it was inclusive and accessible to everyone. Results achieved: “In less than a month, our fan base jumped 41%,” Smashbox senior manager of marketing and multimedia Ginny Chien said. “We had almost 25,000 sessions and our engagement that month was three times more than comparative brands.” What could have been improved: The brand revealed that it would have liked to put more media support behind the campaign to spread the word about the app even further. Yes To Carrots The initiative: The California-based brand launched its first web-based sweepstakes on Facebook in November to find out if it drove fan acquisition and online business. Before doing so, it asked existing fans what their ideal prize would be. The resounding answer was a spa day for the winner and friends and free products. It then structured the sweepstakes so that each entrant won something—starting with discounts on products. Why it works: Offering discounts drove traffic to the brand’s e-commerce site, allowing Yes To Carrots measure the impact of the initiative. Letting fans have input into their potential reward is an effective way of showing that a brand is taking note of what its fans want. Results achieved: The brand registered an increase in fan numbers and e-commerce sales over the sweepstakes period. What was learned: Brand co-founder Ido Leffler said the company learned that “first and foremost it’s important to listen to your customers. By hearing what they told us about what they wanted to see, we were able to structure the sweepstakes to their liking.” Dove The initiative: Unilever-owned Dove has taken on board comments that its successful “Campaign for Real Beauty” message was too focused on causes and not enough on the brand’s products themselves, and has integrated a more product-focused outlook into its coverage. Why it works: While consumers are still in tune with Dove’s “real women” message, analysts suggested that in the long term, the brand’s identity could be diluted. One commentator even said the company could ultimately become known as “the brand for fat women”. By re-centering its message on its products, without abandoning the causes dear to consumers, Dove is able to tighten control over its image. Results achieved: Dove is the number-one health and beauty brand on Facebook, according to statistics from Famecount, with a total of 5.69 million fans on February 22 and month-on-month growth of 23.5%, compared with a Facebook average of 4.87%. What could have been improved: Considering the consistent growth in its metrics, it seems that Dove is getting something right. 64 May-June 2012 - N°10 - BW Confidential

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- Brand & retail news recap
- Companies on the move
Take note Market facts, figures & trends
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Launches The latest in fragrance, skincare & make-up
Interview Clinique global brand president Lynne Greene
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- Interview: Delhi Duty Free Services coo Arun Barathi
Radar Six up-and-coming beauty brands
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Last word Metis Insights director Stéphanie Morou

BW Confidential - Issue #10 - May/June 2012