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Retail Store concepts Front and center A roundup up of beauty’s innovative new store concepts from around the world Jovoy opens showcase for rare fragrance French niche perfumery Jovoy has opened a new concept store in Paris, which it sees as an “ambassador” for rare fragrances in France. The new store replaces the Jovoy boutique, which opened in 2010 and is bigger at 175m2 (1,884ft2) than the first 50m2 (538ft2) outlet. The new store is located on Paris’ prestigious rue de Castiglione. “The concept of the boutique was borne from the need to have a space that does justice to rare fragrances in France, which is not possible in traditional distribution. The first store saw good success and we needed more space to showcase fragrances and offer more scents. The challenge is to keep the human touch in this bigger space and make it like a concept store—an area where France lags behind other countries,” says store founder François Hénin. Hénin sought to offer this human touch through vintage furniture and warm colors, such as red for the walls. The new boutique has kept the novel way of testing fragrances, which was introduced at its first store: in addition to being displayed in its own pack, each scent comes in a brown bottle, whose cap is used for smelling the scent. By using the cap, shoppers can smell the heart and base notes of the fragrance, rather than just alcohol and top notes, which is the case with a paper fragrance blotter. The main new features in the boutique are a wider range of brands (60 are on offer) and a selection of fragrance accessories, such as candles by French candlemaker Cire Trudon and fragrance brand James Heeley. But perhaps the most interesting new element is the Perfume Trunk, which Hénin says could constitute a “small revolution in the distribution of rare fragrances”. It is essentially a vintage-looking trunk featuring 16 of the store’s best-selling fragrances, which in addition to being displayed at the boutique, will also be placed in luxury hotels, perfumeries and stores around France, almost like a shop-in-shop. “If the Jovoy store is the embassy of rare fragrances, the trunk is the consulate that will travel to other places. We are open to where it could be placed, from perfumeries, to high-end spas or pharmacies—the idea is to give these rare fragrances exposure outside Paris,” Hénin explains to BW Confidential. He adds that for the retailer there is no risk as it will not be dealing with stock and if a consumer wants to buy a scent it will be shipped from the Paris store. May-June 2012 - N°10 - BW Confidential s Jovoy highlights rare fragrances in a concept store ambience. It also came up with a ‘‘Perfume Trunk’’ (above) featuring 16 bestellers, which can be displayed in other stores in France 48

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Launches The latest in fragrance, skincare & make-up
Interview Clinique global brand president Lynne Greene
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BW Confidential - Issue #10 - May/June 2012